Living in a contemporary urban environment, engaging with nature seems to be a real difficulty for most of us. How to bring the curiosity and appreciation for the beauty of nature back to our rushed life? How to submerge ourselves into the peaceful yet powerful nature in a context where nature is hard to reach? Can we cultivate a mindset of accepting, enjoying and hopefully loving nature as a part of our life? This project answers these question in a way by playback and simulate the experience of engagement with nature like humans used to, but in an urbanized environment. The project is aiming to raises awareness and protests against the lack of nature’s existence in the urbanization process.

This project explores creating a projection system that incorporates the shadow light of trees into the interior of a house. The gentle movement and shifting brightness aim to replicate the soothing feeling of being in the outdoors. The lamp itself uses a tiny turbine to generate the electricity to drive the bulb, making it an exercise in thinking about how to use renewable resources even with the paradigm of a whimsical object.