Stimulate is a service which provides a particular stimulation for different moments in the form of routine tactile aromatherapy.

With the needs of dementia patients and carers at the heart of the design process, it is designed to balance sensory stimulation so that neither over stimulation nor boredom predominate.

Three crucial parts of the day have been targeted in this design:morning, mealtimes and evening.

With essential oils carefully selected to enhance, stimulate and relax at the required moment.Stimulate provides the user with material that they can have a hands on experience with.  The user can choose how much interaction they wish to have with the material whilst still benefiting from the aromatherapy and its workout for reflexology points on your hands. Soft, tactile dough made from all natural materials incorporates essential oils that have been carefully selected to stimulate senses, improve mood and aid relaxation in the required moments.