NaturaPlay is a mobile based application that provides tools, knowledge and inspiration for little and big kids to connect with nature in their everyday lives. The NaturaPlay project makes use of technology to enhance social relationships, mental and physical wellbeing, childhood development, and to promote ecological consciousness.

In our increasingly indoor and electronically wired world, important experiences for children can be provided through indirect contact with nature. This includes activities such as caring for a pet, working in a garden, tending to a house plant, maintaining an aquarium, or visiting a zoo or nature centre (Kellert, 2013). We must realise that children construct knowledge and values only through interaction with the physical world (Kahn, 2002). There is a strong need to maximize children’s exploration and interaction with nature. This includes interaction with bugs, pets, plants, trees, wind, rain, soil, sunshine (Kahn, 2002).

NaturaPlay was designed to connect children back with nature for the purpose of human wellbeing and to encourage an ecological consciousness for our natural world. NaturaPlay understands the love little kids (and big kids) have for technology – so we decided to use this to an advantage. NaturaPlay makes use of technology to connect big and little kids to nature, to ultimately live happier and healthier lives!